West Shore has many years of experience  working to align the various interests of senior living organization  stakeholders with the realities of competitive markets, unyielding  regulators and financial requirements.  Our approach is to identify the  concerns and aspirations of the board of directors, management and other  stakeholders to collaboratively define strategies for the long-term  viability of the organization.  This approach results in the commitment  of the participants to achieve positive organizational change.

Strategic Solutions

  • Existing strategy validation
  • Informed modifications to existing plan
  • Assessment of strategic alternatives

Strategic Plan Process

  • Implementation of bench marking process to advance existing plans
  • Align stakeholders’ interest
  • Define mission, vision, values & strategies
  • Facilitate & articulate an attainable, supportable & comprehensive plan
  • Benchmark strategic goals
  • Communicate results to all stakeholders
  • Governance Support/Development
  • Governance effectiveness, best practices & trends
  • Corporate risk identification & mitigation strategies
  • Board design & structures
  • Board/Peer evaluations & assessments
  • Crisis support
  • Affiliation assessments